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Melanie was a scientific Research & Development technician and has worked with the government, academia, and start-ups.  She has co-authored several scientific papers in diverse areas of plant virology, stem cells, and slow release cancer therapy.  Her master’s theses looked into the career trajectories of male and female scientists to see if there were any causative or correlative life events or circumstances that affected their relative success as they climbed the academic career ladder.


Since leaving academic research, she has been involved in numerous start-ups and not-for-profits as co-founder, board member, or “feet on the ground,” addressing auto-immune disease, food sovereignty, uptake of new technologies.  Currently, she is exploring anti-aging and is integrating this with the adverse effects of our toxic environment. She can be found living the dream sailing her boat, doing isometric barre exercise, cycling, and attending wine tasting events.

1.    Better living through a fast & simplified grocery shopping system so you don’t waste food by having it go bad. Better for the planet, your pocketbook, and your waistline.
2.    Better living through a no-nonsense time-savvy meal cooking system so you don’t eat the same meal over & over. Less food waste on your plate, in your kitchen, and less time cooking. You save money, have more energy, and eat fresh, delicious healthy whole food. 
3.    Better living with a better body & a better mind; this stretch and tone ten-minute Physical Mandela for the mind & body

Toxins and Vice.
4.    Better living through toxin reduction - know what is bad and what is not such a big deal
5.    Better living through vice ownership - choose your toxin, there is a whole wide world of beautiful vices out there but you cannot do them all.  Pick your poison and own it.  Then work to eliminate most of the other vices, so you can indulge. It may not be a zero-sum game but let’s pretend it is and not stress about it.
6.    Better living through quality not quantity; through evidence-based distilling of anti-aging research learn how to identify snake oil, charlatans or stuff that just costs too much. Not longevity per se but rather a vitality and interesting lifestyle 

The Bad Girl of Good Health



Debunking anti-aging myths, Embracing Vice, and what about Toxins

Vice Ownership

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Toxin Reduction

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The Bad Girl of Good Health

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Aging, Vice Ownership and what to do about Toxins



Grocery Shopping System and Meal Prep System

Physical Mandela

A daily physical stretch and strength ritual in only ten-minutes-a-day



The Bad Girl of Good Health sees wine as a food group and clubbing as exercise - with an overlay of moderation of course!

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I am currently assembling a second cohort to Beta Test my Bad Girl of Good Health Lifestyle program.  Want to join in on the fun?​

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